Frigga Stonebound


B1: Keeping our bears happy and domesticated will provide invaluable security, so we must be sure we have the wherewithall to take care of them.

B2: Luminescent fungus means we now have utilities! We can now make this into a real city and start attracting new citizens.

B3: Largos has no appreciation for danger and must be kept on a short leash.

Grudge: I will never marry Thadrin, and I will reveal his douchbaggery to dwarfdom.

I1: In a tunnel always look ahead and behind

I2: Keep papers clean dry and otherwise protected.

I3: Be nice to the bears.

Relationship: cousin Thadrin, hateful, former fiance (Drahkar’s brother)

Affiliation with Dwarven Historical Society

Traits: Know it All, Grudgekeeper, Bitter


Frigga Stonebound

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