Burning Dwarf Fortress

Lost Tales: Bad GM

The dwarves finally chased the spiders away, baiting them into the spider trap, scorching them, and then chasing them from their holds. They rescued two dwarves in the process, and made a ‘room’ aka holding cell for them just in case they had brain spiders.

A new dwarf, Werast, showed up, and delivered a message to Largos about returning to his father to help manage the business. Largos did his level best to not let on he couldn’t read, but Frigga eventually read the letter for him. Largos immediately pointed at the two miner dwarves they rescued and said, I’ll just send them… and they wanted none of it. They wanted to settle down and join the city. In the ensuing Duel of Wits, Frigga threw in with Largos, one worried about brain spiders, the other about his father. Though the rescue dwarves were outmatched, they did get out a concession that they would not leave unless their friends were rescued as well.

Largos was really hoping some proper help would show up, and in a stroke of luck, Glim and two of her fellow mercenary dwarves showed up in the hold. She wanted her set up, and a place of pride in the new city. They asked her to come and help with the rescue, and she insisted she have her hall in the city ASAP. Largos and Frigga agreed, and so the party set out to find the remaining dwarves in the spider mines.

The first challenge was finding the mines… for which they decided to get Splibprax’s help. Werast was rather unhappy about this, but Frigga convinced him it was the only option. Splibrax agreed on the condition that he be given the eggs the party had taken from the previous occupants of the caves.

Splibrax led the party through tunnels for the better part of a day until they began hearing the sound of activity in the nearby tunnels. Splibrax left them to their business. The party was almost ambushed, and only quick reflexes saved them from being overwhelmed by the spiders attacking them. Largos tried to prove he was a better fighter than Glim, while Frigga crawled into tunnels to rescue Dvar, their guide miner dwarf.

They noted that after the ambush, the sound of mining was no longer audible. Also, one of Glim’s mates had disappeared in the fighting. Despite the need to rest, they pushed on. Frigga and one of Glim’s mates then spotted a small horde of gold in a side tunnel, and almost came to blows over them. They managed to only have a brief tussle, stuff their pockets, and agreed to return after more pressing concerns. The party of dwarves headed down the halls, towards what spiders might still be around.


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