Burning Dwarf Fortress

Struggle for Control

The dwarves all arrived back in their main hall, Tori’s search party arriving on the scene just after Frigga chased out the orcs. Still reeling in pain, Frigga curled up hoping someone would come to her aid. Meanwhile Pebbles, one of the new dwarves, started agitating that they should chase down the orcs outside. He even estimated how easily he could move the door-rock when Largos told him he couldn’t get outside anyway.

The trio looked over their fresh rescues, hoping to find a clue that one might be a khirurgeon. Werast recognized one dwarf, Regnak Axegrinder, once a member of the 4th Owlbear Regiment. Regnak, however, was very surly, on account of his predicament being sourced from the clan Emeraldback. He was reluctant to help, but was eventually convinced that it’s to everyone’s advantage that he patch up Frigga. In the balance, he even patched up Dvar, which he was rather unhappy about, because Largos was asking.

As the group turned away from Frigga’s injuries, they noted that a group of dwarves, with Pebbles at their lead, had opened up the cave door, and were heading out to confront the orcs. Largos and Werast rushed in among them to try to block them from advancing, but before they could start dragging the newcomers back inside, Frigga stumbled forward, and stentoriously talked the lot into coming back inside.

Largos was ready to be done with the situation for a while, and started rounding up Beary to go off looking for Tori again. Werast in the meanwhile decided that something had to be done about the door, and with Frigga’s help cataloging who had what skill among the dwarves, two turned out to have some stoneworking skills. Frigga scavenged up some tools for them from among what they had with them from the mines, and Werast then put them to work building a new stone gate for the city.

Finally, the trio of founders plus the mercenaries got ready to go off into the caves and find Tori.


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