Burning Dwarf Fortress

Spider Invasion

Largos and Frigga slammed the door closed behind them, momentarily thinking themselves safe, until realizing they were staring into the back of their mushroom farm, and the tunnel leading back to their caves had caved in. Frigga’s work on the crypt in the alcove there had weakened the stone, and only now did it crash down.

The spiders were scrabbling at the door, and the dwarves had to work fast. Clearing the cave in was not looking like an easy task, so Largos decided to try yelling through the rubble to get Beary to come and help. Frigga, rolling her eyes, helped yelling for the other two years. By some miracle the bears heard, and began rolling rocks away from the other side. Largos and Frigga dug in, and managed to clear the rubble… Just as a rhythmic loud thumping started on the door. Largos insisted they just put a rock in the way of the door and build traps, while Frigga insisted they build a new door. Frigga of course won the argument, and a new door was quickly constructed… Just in time, as the spiders’ ramming finally payed off, and they broke through the outer door. The dwarves scrambled back, and began to build an elaborate bear-grease flame trap past their new door, but after several days of banging and construction it became evident that the spider’s were not going to be able to break through this door.

In the downtime Largos decided to put his mind to training Beary to ‘sit’, which he eventually succeeded at!


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