Burning Dwarf Fortress

Out of the Gaspocket and Into the Fire

Largos and Frigga had to think quickly to try and get out of the gas pocket, as their attempts to make their way out quickly lit gas seeping into the chamber on fire. With some quick thinking and scrounging they made a cement paste and managed to seal the leak shut, and putting out the fire. Largos then measured up the side of the wall, and excavated a hole out of the gas pocket into the chasm. Luckily they exited exactly where their handholds were carved into the rock, and proceeded to climb back up to their caverns.

Once their, they had to take stock of their food, and found they were starting to run low on food as the bears were burdening their stocks. They decided to go out into the wild again, and try and forage up a new supply. Largos insisted on taking Beary along, for whom they managed to make a makeshift harness to carry more materials. Largos’s aim was to teach Beary to follow him on command, though teaching the bear turned out to be tricky. As they combed the berry patches for a very healthy harvest, Beary suddenly disappeared, only to appear floating down the nearby stream wailing for help. Frigga tried to stop Largos from just jumping into the river, but the powerful hauler shrugged off her hand, and dove in after his bear. In a heroic effort, he hauled the soaked terrified bear back to shore. Though the foraging expedition was successful in replenishing the dwarves food supplies, Beary was clearly now terrified of water in pretty much any form.

Frigga then urged Largos to finish their foray into the crevasse, and complete a switchback tunnel up the far side in order to access the cave with the glow coming from it. Largos proceeded very carefully on this task, with Frigga helping by mapping out the area. Although the tunnel was succesfully completed, as Frigga and Largos broke through to the cave they were tunneling to, they were confronted by a pack of spiders led by Seven-Legs. Frigga was not backing down from her quest, and swinging her axe wildly sprang to grab a fistful of glowing moss after fistful of glowing moss. Finally, the press of spiders was too much, and Largos grabbed Frigga, and started hauling back down the tunnel. Frigga kept swinging her axe, keeping the spiders just enough at bay that they could not catch up. The two dwarves ended their exhausting sprint collapsing behind one of their doors in the mushroom farm cave.


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