Burning Dwarf Fortress

First Journey into the Crevasse

Largos and Frigga took on the task of trying to bridge the Crevasse. They considered several ways to cross. Largos insisted he could just lower Frigga by a rope, but Frigga wanted some safer setup. After arguing extensively, Frigga disassembled Largos position on the topic and instated dwarf-osha.

The two dwarves worked out a way to better secure the rope around a stalagmite, and Largos still acted as spotter while Frigga carved handholds into the rock face on the way down. After a day or so of labor, they finished, and Frigga started to climb back up. Half way up, the handholds collapsed, and a gas cloud blew out of the cliff face throwing Frigga around. Largos tried to reel her in, but went tumbling over the edge as well. Frigga slammed into the wall hard, cracking some ribs, while Largos bruised up his shoulder.

Largos tried desperately to drag the two of them back up, but couldn’t get enough traction on the wall, so opted for lowering both dwarves to the bottom of the chasm.

As the two dwarves assessed their situation, Beary the bear stuck his head out over the edge of the ledge above. Largos contemplated having Beary retrieve some medical herbs from camp, but at Frigga’s urging, realized that Beary was after all a bear cub. Instead, Largos climbed back up the rope to see what the bear was up to. Beary seemed quite agitated and kept nudging Largos in the chest. Largos ended up returning to the main chamber, only to find Beer and Danger Floof curled up on the ground, ill, and with vomit and little poison sacks all around.

Frigga, in the meanwhile, steeled herself, and inhaled several deep wiffs of somewhat anesthetic gas from the exploded gas pocket. With her mind somewhat cleared of pain, she looked about, just to spot an whitish hided spider on a ledge above across from her. The spider began climbing down, so Frigga hid in a crevice and stayed still. The spider scuttled about a bit, asking in poor dwarven where the dwarf disappeared to, and saying ‘dwarf hurt’ repeatedly. Frigga could tell from the spider’s coloration that this was an old spider.

Largos, having assessed the bears, returned to the ledge to find a spider circle Frigga. Largos repeatedly threatened the spider, while the spider kept insisting that the dwarf nearby was hurt. Finally, as Largos was about to zip down and murder the spider, Frigga stepped out and confronted the spider what it wants. It responded that it wants to help the hurt dwarf (Frigga). Frigga asked why a spider would want to do such a thing, and the spider responded that it was a vegetarian. On further questioning, the spider said he ate many dwarves until it realized dwarves, like Splibrax were people. Frigga then let the spider have a look at her injury. Largos, zipping down the rope, immediately tackled the spider off of Frigga, and was about to kill it. Frigga told him to stop, and said toet Splibrax help. The spider investigated the wound further, ran off, came back, and patched Frigga up with herbs and spider silk.

Largos then relayed his concern about the bears, and an argument broke out over whether to let the spider help the bears. Frigga, with help from Splibrax, won the argument, but conceded that the spider could most certainly not stay with them. Splibrax managed to patch the bears up as well. Largos asked, reluctantly, what he could give it in exchange, and Splibrax asked for thanks, which Largos only muttered out once the spider was finally out of earshot.

Frigga’s health began to rally, though a permanent injury was just barely averted.

The two dwarves decided to complete their initial task by mining out switchback tunnels down to the bottom of the crevasse. Half way there, after two weeks or so of work, as their tunnel broke into the gas pocket area, the tunnel collapsed. Both dwarves dove into the gas pocket before they were crushed, but now they sat trapped, half way down the cliff side, in a gas pocket.


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