Burning Dwarf Fortress

Finding Tori

The crew gathered together and mounted up an expedition to find Tori. Largos, Frigga, Werast, Glim and Dvar headed off into the caves again. Largos and Frigga were banking on their bears again, and decided to use them to track down the lost veteran. Beary led the way, and after some time trudging through caves, the team finally came to a cavern opening before them, with strands of spider silk hung about all over. Largos promptly hollered into the space to see who was about. Largos and Frigga matched notes, Largos using his deep sense to help Frigga map out what might be up ahead. Out of the darkness, a scuttling noise burst forth, and a horde of spiders were on top of the dwarves.

Frigga kept her wits about her while the rest of the dwarves stood drooling. Frigga commanded the bears forward, and they charged in against the spiders. A terrible battle ensued, and the spiders found themselves overwhelmed, and were scattered back into the darkness, while the bears went about consuming the fallen spider in their midst.

The party advanced and saw the main spider chamber in dim light. In the middle of the chamber, they saw the arcane spider they encountered earlier conversing with Tori. Tori yelled at them that her quarrel was not with them, but Glim hurled an axe at Tori none the less, injuring her slightly. The group decided to retreat in face of this particularly confusing scene, and return to Dumathsburg.

On the way, pondering the recent events, Glim revealed that Tori was from a dwarven city in a different dwarven kingdom. Some lore from the dwarves unveiled that Tori was in fact from a clan of dwarves that had been exiled from Inedimsal some few hundred years ago…


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