Burning Dwarf Fortress

Feeding and Building

As things started settling down, Glim came to Frigga to ask that Glim’s complex be now built. Of course the one stone worker was engaged in the construction of the front gate of Dumathsburg. An argument ensued, as Largos argued that the gate should be replaced with a giant stone, while Frigga wanted Pebbles the engineer to finish it before moving on to Glim’s halls. As they argued Glim had Pebbles begin to evaluate her plans.

Meanwhile, Werast decided to round up a bunch of dwarves to shore up the city’s now dwindling food supply’s​. He led the small crew out into the wild to forage, and they began harvesting. Apparently a couple of the newcomers to the valley thought jumping the dwarves for food instead. Werast launched a counter attack, but the vicious goblins fended off his charge, and managed to drag off two of the dwarves from the expedition.

Werast returned to Dumathsburg just as Frigga and Largos gave up on their lengthy argument, with no clear winner as to what is to be done with the gates. With the new turn of events, however, everyone was galvanized into action to rescue the captured dwarves.

The company of dwarves hailed the orc fortress only to be answered by a single arrow. Eventually, an orc festooned with crude tools entered a discussion with them, speaking the common trade tongue with the same lack of mastery as Frigga, but with just enough information passing between them to establish that the orc needed food. Frigga offered them her map to the local food sources in exchange for the captured dwarves. The orc sent a scout, apparently in some amount of agreement.

Largos decided to have Beary practice his menacing pose, which with his bad luck, led to the orc warrior’s wolf to pounce. Beary swatted the wolf down, but it’s orc handler drew an axe and rushed Largos. Frigga tried to intercede with words, but those only helped once the warrior orc had his axe buried in Largos’ hip. At Frigga’s urging, the orc with the tools called off his fellow, who reluctantly walked away from Largos. Eventually the orc scout returned, and having confirmed the food source, the lead orc let the two dwarves go.

The dwarves retreated to their cave, and Largos was patched up by the khirurgeon.

Further, Glim was still demanding her hall. Pebbles was approached in an attempt to convince him to finish the gates, that being a higher priority. Instead, it was discovered that he was in a fell mood, and he demanded that a Hallmaster’s workshop be provided him, so that he may complete a project. This left the dwarves with a whole new problem…


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