Burning Dwarf Fortress

Bear adventures

The dwarves found themselves in the middle of a rainstorm, which was showing the unfortunate drainage situation in the entry hall to their dwelling. As the chamber was filling up, they debated which of their doors to open… the one to the outside, or the one leading back to their farm. In the end, they decided to open the front gates while Largos excavated out a cistern off to the side of the entrance cave. This was going smoothly, and Frigga and Drahkar were pushing the water out of the chamber until a bear and her cubs wandered in. Frigga jumped on Drahkar’s shoulders and they tried to scare the bear off, but being protective of her soaked cubs, she just became more aggressive.

Drahkar pulled a throwing axe, and threw it as the bear charged. The axe grazed across the bear’s shoulder, and the bear bowled Drahkar over. Frigga’s swing made another scar across the bear’s side. Largos jumped in to try to wrestle the bear down, and managed to stagger the beast before being pushed back. The bear swung its giant paw at Largos, and Drahkar, from the ground, still managed to use his shield to push the bear off balance enough that the swing missed. Largos then jumped back in, burying his new dirk hilt deep in the bear’s chest. The bear reeled, and tried to run for it, but with another expertly executed swing, Drahkar struck the bear across the hind leg, nearly bringing it down. The dwarves moved quickly, and overwhelmed the stunned bear, killing it in short order.

The bear cubs milled around confused and distressed. The trio of dwarves looked upon them, and saw great opportunity. They carefully approached, and went about calming the bear cubs to get them to be handleable. Once calmed down, Largos went on to carve a bear cubby for them. In the meanwhile, Drahkar and Frigga went about butchering the mother bear to increase their stock of bear meat. This operation went awry, however, and the bear meat was ruined when they knicked the intestines while trying to remove them.

With the bear situation handled, the group decided to do some further exploration. This began by securing the routes out of the mushroom farm by replacing the walls there with doors. Frigga recalled about spiders that they are inexpert at dealing with doors, so with minimal security they can be fairly reliable to hold spiders at bay. They explored the two remaining tunnels, and found one to lead to the same chasm as the first tunnel. The other, however, had a side branch where a pool of water was sitting with strange spherical objects at the bottom.

Largos tried to swim to the bottom to recover the globes, but like a proper dwarf, could not bear the thought of immersing his head under water. Frigga, caring less for dwarven hang ups, dove in and pulled out six spheres in short order. They looked similar to the egg sacks from earlier, but was not tacky and was significantly harder. Although she recalled that in fact water spiders do exist, these did not seem to be their eggs. They cracked one open, to find some scroll cases with maps, though Frigga could not quite tell to what place. They then proceeded to open the other eggs. Within were:
~a dozen steel spheres with ropes
~3D cash
~maps (the first of the six cases)
~squishy sacks that almost made Largos sick
~candles and powders and ointments
~dwarven keys

With their newfound items in hand, the dwarves returned to their home cave to check on the bears.


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