Burning Dwarf Fortress

Battle of Werast's Folly

There was a mad dwarf in the ranks… And he needed a workshop.

Werast, Frigga, and Largos fell to arguing about how best to deal with the situation. After some conversing, they established that there was in fact a settlement, Reinemekvar, closer that Inedimsal, potentially halving the time they needed for a supply run. But Frigga wanted Largos to go with her, whereas Largos wanted Frigga to deal with the gates. All the while Werast was hoping to just get both out of the way so he could take care of business. Largos pitched in with Frigga, and the two convinced Largos to go and help on the supply mission. Largos did manage to confound Frigga with his wandering argument style… perhaps he is on to something.

With the two dwarves on the way, along with Dvar and a bear, Largos set his own plan into motion. He tried to enlist Glim into helping him train up the dwarves and executing an attack on the orcs while the others were away. Glim wanted payment if she was going to fight, and saw little point in the attack. Werast’s approach to the Ugly Truth of the situation left a sour taste in her mouth, and she went on to work against Werast’s plan. None the less, Werast successfully convinced the dwarves in the hall to train with him, and started whipping them into shape.

Largos and Frigga uncamouflaged Largos’ cart, and rigged Beary to the cart to make the journey to Reinemekvar. Largos guided from his seat on the cart, next to Dvar, and Frigga plodded alongside for the lengthy trip.

In the meanwhile, Werast, having finished the training, led the dwarves forth to assault the orc fort. In the dawn light, the dwarves steamed forth throwing rocks as they stormed towards the makeshift gate. They were received by volleys of bow fire from the orcs, and Werast was hit. The arrow drove the breath from him, momentarily forcing him to pass out. In the hasty retreat, his hammer was left behind, along with several fallen dwarves from the I’ll fated assault.

Frigga and Largos entered Reinemekvar, and were welcomed as warmly as dwarves bother with anyone. They decided to make a show of it to drum up local support, and Largos paraded around in Dvar’s company festooned with spider parts, while Frigga mingled in the scholarly circles spreading word of their deeds. To their great relief, the initial whispers of ‘adventurer’ slowly turned into respect and almost even admiration at their dwarven spirit.

Back home, recovering from his battle injury, Werast found himself ever the waryer, and began organizing the remaining dwarves to abandon the upper tunnels, and retreat into the Chasm below. Glim was not pleased by this turn of events…


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