Burning Dwarf Fortress

Battle for the Slaves

The brave rescuers stumbled forward and crashed right into a group of spiders trying to marshal the dwarven slaves away. The group shouted out, and with stout voice urged their fellow dwarves to resist, as help was on the way. They heard the signs of conflict, and charged in themselves.

Three spiders screened a strange spider with glowing fungus patches on his skin. The monstrosity cast arcane wind at the dwarves, bowling them over, and his accomplice spiders rushed forth. A battle ensued, Frigga, Largos and Glim rushing into the fray. Werast measured up the situation more carefully. Largos got entangled with his opponent, while Frigga unleashed dwarven might upon hers. Glim expertly put down her opponent, and moved on to help. The wyrd-weaver lurched forward, and jabbed Frigga with talons bleeding shadows. Frigga was badly hurt, but Werast rushed in to fill the breach, and with combined efforts the dwarves sent the wyrd-weaver running into the tunnels.

The rescue party discovered a group of about a dozen dwarves, several injured, a few dead routing the last of their spider guards. They also discovered several carts with them, of a strange whitish powder in the carts. The best they could surmise that it was a spice used by humans. They also found out the spiders collected a black and a yellow powder as well. After much debate, it was decided that they would dump the powder and use the carts to carry the injured dwarves back to Inedimsal.

Largos and Werast along with the mercenaries split off to try to find Tori, while Frigga, still injured, led the rescued dwarves back to Inedimsal. Largos and Werast, after careful searching, could find spider after spider slain by Tori’s crossbow, but could not find Tori in the tunnels.

Frigga, on returning to the main hall, found a group of half a dozen tallish skinny humanoids having made camp with their bears. She immediately summoned the bears to her, and they complied. The humanoids, she realized, were orcs. They seemed aggressive, but not violently hostile. In a series of mimicked interactions, she managed to convince and intimidate them into accepting the cave as being hers, and they departed.


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